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Events & Retreats

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  • Women's Wellness Retreat 2023
    Sat, 10 Jun
    Shala House
    Join me and a collective of teachers at Shala in Margate to be guided on an expansive journey to deepen your connection to yourself. I'll be teaching Breathwork & Yoga alongside Shamanism, Goddess Embodiment, Cacao, Shadow Work and more - one of our most popular events at my space.
  • Solstice Sister Circle
    Wed, 21 Jun
    Shala House
    Join me and a warm group to gather and celebrate the Summer Solstice...held in the Shala garden, you'll be guided through a sharing circle with yoga, relaxation and expansive self enquiry exercises.
  • Breathwork Circle
    Thu, 20 Jul
    In this Breathwork Circle you'll be taught/guided through an experience of the Conscious Connected Breath & Movement alongside a sharing circle.
  • Reset & Rise - The Transformative Power of Breathwork for Women
    Thu, 28 Sept
    Shala House
    Join the Breathwork Revolution....In this 6 week container online, we'll deep dive into a variety of phenomenal breath practices.
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