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Working with me 121

 When you’re reset and reclaim parts of yourself…let go of what's no longer serving, feel your most vibrant, connected to yourself,  and ready to embody your potential in full alignment with your direction at this time… 


Breathwork coaching can be a game changer…this process of self discovery enables you to release blocks, shed layers and create strong intentions for the direction you wish to move in so you can live freely again.


I have worked with the mind body connection for 10 years and work closely with you to read what the body may need in order to release deep held tensions or emotional charges, both physically and mentally. It's an illuminating journey of self discovery and every session is unique. 

  • What is Breathwork Coaching?
    The way we breathe can profoundly affect our perception of life. As babies we have a full, free and unrestricted breath to match our sense of wholeness and connection to presence. As adults, most of us develop holding patterns in our breath, often arising from emotional wounds, physical challenges or traumas. Breathwork is a self-healing modality that uses conscious, connected breathing to access expanded states of consciousness, while simultaneously unlocking repressed emotions and clearing stagnant energy from our whole system. ​ Through an intentional and safe increase of oxygen levels, we activate different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while meeting the root of unresolved imprints for integration and healing. ​ This is a somatic, emotional and energetic invitation into profound self-remembrance, compassion, radical self-love and powerful reclamation. By breathing into the unknown, we bring life and energy to that which is blocked, dormant or repressed. Through breath, we enliven the lost parts of us and return them back into our seat of wholeness.
  • What can Breathwork Coaching help with?
    Because sometimes we can find ourselves in these places… Feeling stuck Lacking in energy or feeling sluggish Feeling overwhelmed or fearful Wanting to (re)gain more confidence Lacking sleep due to over thinking Feeling anxious, depressed, sad, disengaged or lacking in motivation Feeling angry or resentful Dealing with trauma, loss, or bereavement Suffering with dis-ease in the body We’ve come to a plateau with therapy or other healing modalities We’d like support with preparation to conceive, during pregnancy and/or in the postnatal period We'd like to move past birth trauma
  • What could I gain from Breathwork Coaching?
    Everyones journey is unique with the breath - these are some of the ways it can support you... Release deep held physical tightness, tension or discomfort Have more energy and vibrancy Move beyond what you thought was possible Connect to the fullness of who you are and embody your potential Feel your strength and courage (Re)gain a strong sense of who you are and gain valuable insights/clarity on what next steps to take in your life Sleep better Build Immunity Ease stress, anxiety or depression Refind your authentic and truest self beneath the layers of conditioning that build up Have a tool for life to calm and regulate your nervous system Enhance your ability to transform wounds into wisdom and integrate the shadow side Release unhelpful behaviour patterns Move past limiting or self sabotaging beliefs Feel your vitality, abundance, lightness and liberated creativity Connect to your higher self – for some this is an experience of transcendental/mystical states or connection to source Experience deep peace or bliss Experience a reclamation of self and personal power Release emotional and energetic blockages stored in the body/mind Boost and realign all the systems in your body, improving immunity, energy levels, detoxification and increase cardiovascular capacity Prepare for Fertility or IVF Move past birth trauma Witness and reclaim the parts of you that have not being fully acknowledged, in a gentle and compassionate way
  • What contraindications are there to practicing Breathwork?
    Breathwork results in certain specific physiological and psychological changes. The work that we are doing is designed to give you the tools to manage every day stresses and can also unearth deeply held trauma. As a precaution, the following conditions are contraindicated, please let me know in advance if you have any of the following: — Pregnancy — Detached Retina — Glaucoma — High Blood Pressure (not controlled with medication) — Cardiovascular disease including angina, previous heart attack or stroke — Diagnosis of aneurysm in the brain or abdomen — Uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes — Asthma; if the client is asthmatic, ask them to bring their inhaler to the session — Epilepsy — Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or previous psychiatric condition — Hospitalisation for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the last 10 years — Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and/or emotional release

Work With Me


2 hrs


This initial session is about creating the expansive space to zoom out to the bigger picture, have a breath pattern analysis and learn the Conscious Connected Breath Technique.


3 months


This is the super deep work and I can guarantee you that there will be powerful shifts as you commit wholeheartedly to yourself in this space. 


3 week journey


These sessions offer the opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself, and deeply release tension, as we journey through what the body communicates via the Breathwork technique.


Shala, Margate


Held in my nurturing women’s wellness space, I will dedicate my 10 years retreat experience to you in a deeply special, unique and transformative day.

"I had a wonderful session with Anna learning breathwork that left me feeling energized, detoxified of stuck emotions and more in connection with my heartspace. It was a great mix of incorporating the breathwork with movement, touch and relaxation all to lovely music and guided by her gentle, kind and enthusing manner and expertise. Would highly recommend it for busy bees needing some rejuvenation, health and wellbeing".


Breathwork 121



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