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The Catalyst Session


This session is about offering you the expansive space to zoom out to the bigger picture and consider where you are at present. To create potent intention for your life at this time by considering what’s most important to you, and move past any blocks that are arising. 


We speak directly to your body's wisdom via the breath. Perhaps there’s something particular that is playing on your mind, or you’d simply like to feel more relaxed, balanced, joyful or content. You’ll be offered a transformational tool for life in the form of the Conscious Connected Breath, and I’ll guide you through the Breathwork practice to highlight insight and clarity moving forward. This includes a breath pattern analysis. 


Or 2 instalments of £50.00


What you receive from the Catalyst Session

  • An optional clarity call before the session. 

  • Before the session, you’ll receive some self enquiry exercises to help take stock of where you are now and what you’d like to draw in.

  • At the start of the session we’ll share a tea and discuss anything that’s arising for you, anything intentions you have and what you’d like to create, bring about, embody moving forward. 

  • The session is held either in person at my space Shala (Margate) or online. 

  • The middle of this session is focused around the practice of Breathwork. I begin by teaching you the Conscious Connected Breathing technique and offering a breath pattern analysis. 

  • We stay with the breath for 1 hour to help release holding patterns in the body and mind. Other tools that may be blended into these bespoke sessions include yoga therapy postures carefully chosen for what arises, intuitive movement, massage, affirmation, sound, visualisation and coaching/self enquiry and a spacious deep relaxation/receiving time to integrate the process. 

  • We close with space and coaching afterwards to discuss anything that has arisen and decide on some next steps. 

  • Text support for 1 week after our session. (9am – 5pm)


My unique method of Breathwork (initially inspired by Inspirational Breathing) is a culmination of 10 years of experience. Sessions include elements from…


Women’s Wellness Wisdom & Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Self Enquiry Tools & Coaching

Meditation & Visualisation

Yoga (many styles)

Thai Massage & Acupressure Point Techniques

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