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Hi, I'm Anna...

Women’s Wellness feels like the perfect home after two decades of discovery in holistic practices. 


I have found that as I’ve moved through different life stages as a woman, there have been different practices that have resonated at different times. I set up my women’s wellness space - Shala as a home for the practices I offer after 10 years teaching in a variety of spaces - from retreats to festivals to yurts, in studios and professional spaces.


Yoga was my first love. I have found it to be a profound process of self discovery, provider of joy, guiding compass in life and incredible balancer of the nervous system, since discovering it in 2002 while training at drama school in London. 



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I have immersed in different styles since my initial teacher training in 2013 and have around 800 hours of training (Yin, Vinyasa, Partner Yoga, Women’s Yoga (Menstrual cycle informed), Fertility Yoga/Pregnancy) and teach on regular yoga teacher trainings and women’s circles/workshops.  I love the deep dive nature of yoga retreats and am experienced at holding space on these, having taught on 50+ in the last 10 years. 


After years of focus on the breath, it was when I discovered Breathwork (particularly Conscious Connected breathing) during a period of deep grief that I feel my practice and teaching moved to the next level. 


It was like a bolt from the blue and one of the most powerful experiences I had ever had. I found it to be like therapy with few words…the body’s wisdom shining through, and the power to self heal so profound. I was experiencing the kind of  insight/bliss I had read about in ancient yogic texts, and I knew this was absolutely what I needed to immerse in and share going forward. 


Held by my incredible Breathwork community, I’m deeply passionate about the capacity of Breathwork combined with embodied movement & yoga, touch and self enquiry to transform lives. Its capacity to transform wounds to wisdom is phenomenal. Our greatest challenges can be our greatest catalyst for positive change, and I commit wholeheartedly to my own inner work as a vehicle to be in service to those who I work with.


I became drawn to women’s wellness around 10 years ago. I was considering trying to conceive and wanted to feel my most empowered through the process. I found Hypnobirthing to be a fantastic approach and have trained extensively in it and learnt much from my wonderful clients over the years. When trying to conceive with my second child, I delved into the fascinating world of menstrual cycle awareness and trained as a Wellwoman Yoga Therapist. 

How we move through our pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period can have profound effects on how we perceive ourselves and how our children develop. I now offer a variety of treatments, ceremonies and trainings for women and their partners during this sacred time.


Anxiety is so prevalent in our society and there have been times in my life where it has arisen for me. The practices I share are some of the best tools I have found to ease anxiety, and I now hold a potent toolkit  to regulate the nervous system and reduce anxiety levels. I am a passionate specialist in Anxiety and Stress Relief and offer workshops in the corporate sector/am a speaker around this. 


I am also a writer for Om Yoga Magazine and ran a yoga/holistic studio for 5 years in Brighton – which was a hugely inspiring immersion. 


As an aquarius coming into the long awaited aquarian age, the explosion of the holistic, conscious, and eco movements is deeply exciting. I’ve been driven by the desire to move past blocks, to rise, to connect, to nurture our planet since my teens, and it is exciting that this paradigm is shining through with increasing strength. My intention with my own work and collaborations with others, is to contribute to the movement for positive change on our planet at this critical time for the environment and our place within it…the rise of the nurturing feminine energy in our personal lives as a microcosm for the (mother) earth at large. 

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My Credentials

Breathwork Coach (Graduate & Foundation Levels)

– Inspirational Breathing

Wellwoman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

– Uma Dinsmore Tuli

Senior Yoga Teacher - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

– Tribe, India

600+ Hours of Yoga Teacher Training in Yin, Pregnancy, Fertility, Vinyasa, Women’s Yoga,Yoga Nidra and Partner Yoga

Women’s Empowerment Mentorship

– Clare Rodea Ryan

Meditation Training (170 hours)

– Swami Satyananada


- Mongan Method & Mindful Mamma Method

Fertility Yoga & Menstrual Health Teacher Training

– Real Fertile

Women’s Wellness courses (Postnatal/ Pregnancy)

- Sally Parkes Yoga 

Trainings in Women’s Circle, Mother Blessing, Closing the Bones, Thai Massage and many more CPD courses. 

Work With Me


2 hrs 15 mins


This initial session is about creating the expansive space to zoom out to the bigger picture, have a breath pattern analysis and learn a tool for life - the Conscious Connected Breath technique.


3 months


This is the super deep work and I can guarantee you that there will be powerful shifts as you commit wholeheartedly to yourself in this space. 


3 week journey


A chance to deepen your connection to yourself and experience deep positive shifts, as we journey through what the body communicates via the Breathwork technique.


Shala, Margate


Held in my nurturing women’s wellness space, I dedicate my 10 years retreat experience to you in a deeply special, unique and transformative day for you or our group.

My Accreditations

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