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Reset & Rise

- The modern woman’s guide to the transformative power of Breathwork -


Join the Breathwork Revolution with this course designed to offer you practices and ideas which help bring about greater balance, empowerment and alignment – tools for life that have the power to transform wounds to wisdom and help you connect deeply to the awe of being alive. 


As women living in a modern society, we have freedoms our grandmothers could only dream of…and yet…levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm are commonplace and many of us have a level of disconnection from our most valuable ally – our body. Our breath patterns reflect the level of ease or tension that we live with…when we harness and free the breath, we quickly begin to feel ripples of increased ease flowing throughout our lives in so many ways.


This small group container (max 6 women) is a chance to deeply connect with yourself via an array of Breathwork practices – and primarily the Conscious Connected Breath. A tool of deep emotional release that all of us have access to and can be used at any time to feel more expansive, connected to ourselves and others, in our power, relaxed and regulated through our nervous system. 


You are welcome and encouraged to bring all of yourself in this invitation to reset and rise – to lovingly draw down the layers of coping, adaption and trauma to reveal your innate wisdom and sense of internal compass. To feel who you really are underneath the layers, to experience clarity and insight on your unique circumstances and to create a clear path moving forward.


Because the likelihood is...

That at some point we suppressed some big emotions and they got held in our bodies. As this happened we developed patterns of contraction or protection. Then these patterns got activated again when similar emotions arose.


By tracing our physical patterns – we can become aware of our ‘stories’ of old pains, hurts and happenings that still affect us. And as we start to reset, we’ll become aware of old emotional patterns via contraction in the body and in our breath patterns. The techniques you’ll learn, help to free deep tension and the energy that can be used to express who you are now, instead of repeating an old story stuck in your body from days gone by.


Because once a pattern is learned – it is accessed automatically and becomes second nature. The body doesn’t differentiate between helpful and unhelpful patterns. Physical contractions and habits are acquired through repetition, and can be undone by consciously practicing new patterns within your body and nervous system. 


So in this course...

We move freely…we dance…we share…we learn…we breathe in different ways to release outdated patterns and create new neural pathways in the direction we want to move..


You’ll also have a chance to consider the energy dynamics at play in your life…being in the world requires we animate our internal masculine, while our creative, relational feminine side often becomes relegated – you’ll learn how this masculine/feminine balance can play out in your bodily systems too and how to balance them out. 


And you’ll be offered a variety of tools to help reset and regulate your nervous system…from the Conscious Connected Breath – which activates the system to help release deep stored emotional imprints – to calming breath practices designed to nurture and relax you. This is alongside understanding some of the theory behind how your nervous system works. 


You’ll consider what habits, beliefs, and patterns are driving you and have a chance to consciously shift these so they support your vision and direction moving forward. 


And you’ll have a 1:1 session with me where you’ll be offered a breath pattern analysis/body mapping and deep experience of Breathwork – with clear next steps via coaching in the session. 


As you experience the unique blend of practices that work for you – you’ll have the chance to develop a personalised programme for yourself that will enable you to reset yourself whenever needed. 


As you reset…you feel more expansive…your sense of potential grows…you feel more connected to yourself and the world around you…you rise…

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Because does any of this sound familiar?

  • Feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the demands placed on you…

  • Your body feels tense, tight, uncomfortable, or hurts in places…

  • You have tried talking therapy, yet your body is still telling you something’s wrong…

  • Maybe there has been loss or grief in your life…

  • You feel numb..

  • You find yourself over eating..

  • You are experiencing psychosomatic symptoms..

  • You’ve experienced trauma…


Just imagine for a moment...

Feeling no tension in your body

Having complete clarity on certain steps you need to take

A deep connection to yourself

More ease in relationships with other people

A sense of responding over reacting

Feeling bliss or deep relaxation

A clear sense of purpose

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What you'll receive in this container...
The modules include:

Week 1

How Breathwork helps us reset and reconnect with ourselves

Embodiment and Disembodiment

Living Intentionally

Breathwork and Sharing Circles



Week 2

Habits and Patterns

What’s holding you back and what direction would you like to be going in

Developing Positive Affirmations

Breathwork and Sharing Circles



Week 3

How to befriend your nervous system and reset yourself

Polyvagal Theory

The Autonomic Nervous System/Escaping the Freeze response

Breathwork and Sharing Circles



Week 4

Energy dynamics of the Masculine and Feminine

Body mapping - Left/Right Brain & Masculine/Feminine energetic balance in the body

Chakra System

Breathwork and Sharing Circles



Week 5

Responding over Reacting

Befriending our Challenges


Breathwork and Sharing Circles


Week 6

Integration and Moving forward

Who do you want to be and what do you want to create?

Imagining Your Future Self 

Goal Setting

"Never have we as women in the West had more opportunity, more choice and more freedom.... at the same time with these opportunities come new challenges and distinct difficulties: The demands of life have created unprecedented levels of stress, pressure, disconnect , discomfort and dis-ease in women".

 - Michaela Boehm

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Why Now? Why Me?

Hey Love..

I’m Anna and I felt the call to create this container after experiencing the transformative power of breathwork myself. I had immersed in the calming nature of yogic pranayama (breathwork) for years in my yoga practice/teaching, before discovering the activating force of the conscious connected breath during a period of grief. It was nothing short of an awakening…


It was like therapy with no words, and relieved the intense physicality that emotional waves can cause like no other thing I had come across. I felt a deep connection to myself, the world around me and source, and states of bliss beyond anything I experienced before, alongside electrical charge through the body as my body recalibrated itself. It was phenomenal and I knew I would need to train in and share it, alongside the self development provided by my Breathwork community. 


I have soaked up the medicine of spending time in many women’s circles and containers, alongside running my own over the last 10 years. So I have combined these techniques with my other passion – that of feminine awakening and empowerment to develop this deep dive course for you.

  • What is Breathwork Coaching?
    The way we breathe can profoundly affect our perception of life. As babies we have a full, free and unrestricted breath to match our sense of wholeness and connection to presence. As adults, most of us develop holding patterns in our breath, often arising from emotional wounds, physical challenges or traumas. Breathwork is a self-healing modality that uses conscious, connected breathing to access expanded states of consciousness, while simultaneously unlocking repressed emotions and clearing stagnant energy from our whole system. ​ Through an intentional and safe increase of oxygen levels, we activate different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for deeper insights and heightened clarity, while meeting the root of unresolved imprints for integration and healing. ​ This is a somatic, emotional and energetic invitation into profound self-remembrance, compassion, radical self-love and powerful reclamation. By breathing into the unknown, we bring life and energy to that which is blocked, dormant or repressed. Through breath, we enliven the lost parts of us and return them back into our seat of wholeness.
  • What can Breathwork Coaching help with?
    Because sometimes we can find ourselves in these places… Feeling stuck Lacking in energy or feeling sluggish Feeling overwhelmed or fearful Wanting to (re)gain more confidence Lacking sleep due to over thinking Feeling anxious, depressed, sad, disengaged or lacking in motivation Feeling angry or resentful Dealing with trauma, loss, or bereavement Suffering with dis-ease in the body We’ve come to a plateau with therapy or other healing modalities We’d like support with preparation to conceive, during pregnancy and/or in the postnatal period We'd like to move past birth trauma
  • What could I gain from Breathwork Coaching?
    Everyones journey is unique with the breath - these are some of the ways it can support you... Release deep held physical tightness, tension or discomfort Have more energy and vibrancy Move beyond what you thought was possible Connect to the fullness of who you are and embody your potential Feel your strength and courage (Re)gain a strong sense of who you are and gain valuable insights/clarity on what next steps to take in your life Sleep better Build Immunity Ease stress, anxiety or depression Refind your authentic and truest self beneath the layers of conditioning that build up Have a tool for life to calm and regulate your nervous system Enhance your ability to transform wounds into wisdom and integrate the shadow side Release unhelpful behaviour patterns Move past limiting or self sabotaging beliefs Feel your vitality, abundance, lightness and liberated creativity Connect to your higher self – for some this is an experience of transcendental/mystical states or connection to source Experience deep peace or bliss Experience a reclamation of self and personal power Release emotional and energetic blockages stored in the body/mind Boost and realign all the systems in your body, improving immunity, energy levels, detoxification and increase cardiovascular capacity Prepare for Fertility or IVF Move past birth trauma Witness and reclaim the parts of you that have not being fully acknowledged, in a gentle and compassionate way
  • What contraindications are there to practicing Breathwork?
    Breathwork results in certain specific physiological and psychological changes. The work that we are doing is designed to give you the tools to manage every day stresses and can also unearth deeply held trauma. As a precaution, the following conditions are contraindicated, please let me know in advance if you have any of the following: — Pregnancy — Detached Retina — Glaucoma — High Blood Pressure (not controlled with medication) — Cardiovascular disease including angina, previous heart attack or stroke — Diagnosis of aneurysm in the brain or abdomen — Uncontrolled thyroid conditions and diabetes — Asthma; if the client is asthmatic, ask them to bring their inhaler to the session — Epilepsy — Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or previous psychiatric condition — Hospitalisation for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis within the last 10 years — Any other medical, psychiatric or physical conditions which would impair or affect ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and/or emotional release


"I have found the breathwork sessions with Anna to have been profoundly healing & releasing on both a physical and an energetic level. With the full space and time given to me, to really release and to help rebalance both my body and mind. Anna is an incredibly wise, kind and sensitive space holder and healer, giving me a safe, protected space to release and reflect".

Rachel Holland

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